Basic Writing Skills

This small group writing program designed to help children develop their written language skills. This group is aimed to support students in upper elementary grades develop their writing skills in a very small group, risk free environment. With systematic, sequential, multisensory teaching, the first module will focus on creating a risk free environment while working on basic grammatical concepts, correct use of punctuation and capitalization, sentence structure and expanded sentences.

For more information or to register please phone our North Vancouver centre: 604.987.6760

(For some students struggling with acquiring language, small group lessons are suitable. While many of our students require 1:1 intervention to remediate language-based learning difficulties, some students may work well in a small, carefully matched group of students with similar skill acquisition needs and similar processing styles.  Contact our centre to find out if there is a group suitable for your child.")

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Orton-Gillingham Mutisensory Math

This ongoing small group math program caters to the children’s learning needs. Lessons are structured, sequential and use manipulatives to make abstract math concepts more concrete. Orton-Gillingham math is considered a hands-on multisensory approach to math. Call our North Vancouver office @ 604.987.6760 for more information about our Orton-Gillingham Math programs and 604.888.8831 for Langley.