Maya has made so much progress and I attribute it all to the amazing help she has gotten at Reach.  Ms. Jeakins has been an absolute godsend to us. Honestly, those two were such a good match I don’t think you could have gotten it any better!
— Heather H.
Veronica’s Math abilities and confidence have really grown with the help of Reach and Ms. Walmsley. Reach has been a safe harbour, a constant bright star in my daughters educational journey. Words cannot express the depth of my appreciation.
— Susan B.
We’re very excited about getting Karina back to tutoring, your team has been amazing and we’ve seen excellent progress.
— Ken B.
We could not be any happier about our experience with Reach. We have seen tremendous growth and progress with Brodie which has been exciting to see. Thank you so much for all that you have done!
— Janette F.
It has been a pleasure coming to your centre over the past 2 years. It is such a positive and supportive learning environment and REACH has helped (our son) immensely. He started reading independently within a matter of months!
Thank you.
— Allyson M.

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I wanted to write to share with you and Robin that Chad got 2 A’s and the rest B’s on his report card! Comments from teacher were that Chad’s writing is articulate and imaginative. Isn’t that great?! We are so proud of him. Thank you to Reach Learning Centre and all time and efforts spent with my son - it’s paying off!
— Sue I.
My son attended Reach Learning Centre for one on one tutoring, as well as for some group learning, over a period of approximately three years. Not only did his reading, spelling and comprehension improve dramatically, so did his confidence. The teachers explained things and did games and activities with him in a way that he could understand; he truly enjoyed going to Reach! He is now thriving at school, and this is in large part due to the excellent teachers at Reach. I would highly recommend Reach for any child who is not flourishing in a traditional school setting.
— Thomas B.
We deeply appreciate your guidance and assistance this year. You have provided Arthur and I endless support in helping us understand the IEP process. With your guidance we were able to improve Adrienne’s IEP and become better advocates for our child. After my meetings with you, I learned how to review the IEP draft and make specific demands to ensure Adrienne receives the help she requires.
Many thanks!
— Nancy and Author
REACH has made a huge difference in my son’s development. I think he learns more in his 2 hours a week at REACH than he does in his 30 hours a week at school. Corey and her staff have been wonderful and we are so thankful that we found REACH.
— Parent of a 4th Grader
Hayley loves going to REACH. The learning environment is very comfortable for her, and the positive feedback and support she receives make a big difference to her.
— Parent of a 6th Grader
Our experience at REACH has only been positive. Our child’s reading and writing skills have improved at REACH noticeably and this has given her confidence to tackle any challenge at school! Thank you!
— Cathy B.
In 3 years Chris turned into the most happy child through this ongoing progress. Chris is always happy when he attends his tutoring. When he comes back he finds it ALWAYS AWESOME!
Thank you so much, Corey.
— Love Beatrice and Stefan S.
It has been easy to follow my son’s progress with regular report cards and any questions I have had have been answered promptly. Warren enjoys coming to REACH. We have seen improvement in his reading fluency and penmanship.
— Mandy and Dave T.
My son has really flourished under the guidance and support of his REACH instructor. He is always happy to go to his tutoring sessions and is proud to show off what he has learnt. It has been a very positive experience, so much so that I have registered both my children in the summer program.
— Parent of a 4th Grader