Thanks for the workshop. It has provided me with some practical tools that I can use in my classroom. I am interested in trying these phonological awareness activities to see if this might be the reason that some students are struggling.
— Teacher, Southridge School
Very informative! This workshop has reaffirmed my belief that my son is getting help in a professional and caring place. Thank you!
— Parent, North Vancouver
I enjoyed Dr. Reid’s talk about Dyslexia. It was very informative.
— Parent, North Vancouver
I learned to appreciate how challenging it is for people with dyslexia through your parent workshop in the fall. It was a real eye opener!
— Parent, West Vancouver
I just wanted to thank you for an informative & worthwhile session Monday evening. Even 2 years after Kalyn’s assessment, I realized that there was still much to learn. The session put the pieces to the puzzle together providing a full scope picture of what I had figured out and had not. This is a learning process even for an educator. Which brings me to my next point.
I wanted to thank you for providing an excellent peek into the world of a teacher. You hit it right on when you pointed out that some teachers simply do not have the extra training for working effectively with LD children, myself included. LD is totally outside my realm of teaching, however I feel more confident with sessions I have taken through Reach, books I have read & simply the experiences with Kalyn to have a bit more of an understanding - the learning is ongoing.
Again, thank you for providing a warm, caring environment for Kalyn and all those kids that are fortunate to attend Reach.
— Parent and Teacher