REACH OG Learning Centre is able to conduct a variety of different assessments to help families understand the areas of literacy or math with which their child may be struggling. Using standardized assessment tools, we can pinpoint gaps in reading, writing or math development which help us form a baseline from which we measure progress a child may achieve after our intervention. We use standardized assessments, curriculum-based assessments, as well as traditional "Orton-Gillingham diagnostic" informal assessments to guide the intervention we will provide and to ensure an arm's-length reference to monitor the student's progress.

Additionally, some of our staff are trained and certified to conduct "Level B" assessments, which allow us to use more formalized testing measures to assess academic achievement and monitor progress, or to support a family seeking supports within their school environment. These are available upon request. 

Some families may be seeking a psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessment to better understand their child's struggles with learning. Since these kinds of assessments must include cognitive assessment measures and therefore must be conducted by a registered psychologist, we are happy to refer families to educational psychologists who may help them with that process. On some occasions, psychologists may able to conduct assessments at our centre. 

At REACH OG Learning Centre, every student is provided an assessment when they first register for lessons. We are also available to provide academic assessments to students who are not current REACH students. Contact us for more information about academic assessments at REACH. 

Our Visiting Psychologist

Dr. Gavin Reid is an international independent educational psychologist with active consultancies in seven countries. Dr. Reid conducts full psychological assessments in many countries and currently carries out regular independent assessments for schools and centres in Switzerland, Vancouver, Yukon, Cairo, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Casablanca, Spain and throughout the UK. 

Dr. Gavin Reid provides assessments to children from pre-school to upper secondary, college students and adults in the workplace and is considerably experienced in the areas of giftedness, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ASD and ADHD. 
For more information about Dr. Reid, please visit

Dr. Reid will be available to conduct psycho-educational assessments at any of our REACH locations in the fall of 2018. Please contact us or Dr. Reid directly to arrange an appointment.