Corey Zylstra

REACH Executive Director

Corey Zylstra M.Ed.

Corey ("Mrs. Z.") has been in the field of education for over 25 years. She has taught in colleges, elementary schools, private clinics, community facilities and is a regular conference and workshop presenter world-wide. Since specializing in the field of learning difficulties and multisensory language remediation using the Orton-Gillingham approach, Mrs. Zylstra has served on several non-profit boards in executive, board and advisory positions. She holds a Masters of Education degree from SFU, a Provincial Instructor’s Diploma, and has been recognized and accredited as an Orton-Gillingham Master Trainer for the Canadian Orton-Gillingham Academy (MT/ CATT, OG), an Honorary Fellow of the American OG Academy (HF/ AOGPE) and a Certified Dyslexia Therapist  through the International Dyslexia Association (CDT/IDA). Corey has twice been nominated for Vancouver's Women of Distinction awards for Education and Training and is a strong advocate for effective mediation of literacy skills and evidence-based teaching, particularly for students with language-based learning difficulties. Corey has authored and co-authored several publications and has developed a wide array of materials for teachers and remedial educators. Corey lives in North Vancouver, Canada with her husband of over 20 years, their two teenaged kids,  and their loveable pet, Lucy (the wonder dog).

Corey Zylstra can be reached at


REACH Langley Director & OG Trainer

Robin Norquay B.Ed.

Robin is a fully certified Orton-Gillingham Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer and is the Director of our Langley REACH Orton-Gillingham Centre.  She holds a Bachelor of Education degree with a concentration in English.  In addition to teaching ESL to young children overseas, Mrs. Norquay has experience teaching children and adults of all abilities in classrooms, communities and clinical environments. Previously, she was also part of the developmental committee responsible for structuring a literacy program for young adults and adults with developmental disabilities in Manitoba. In addition to her administrative role at our Langley centre, Robin provides therapeutic OG lessons to our students and provides training to parents and teachers through parent nights and workshops for teachers. Robin and her husband live in Langley with their beautiful young son and their loveable pooch, Fran. 

Robin Norquay can be reached at


REACH Richmond Director

Fatima Sheriff

Fatima Sheriff is a fully certified Orton Gillingham Practitioner, as well as a Montessori and an Early Childhood Educator. She has been in the teaching field for 21 years, and also holds a BC teacher certification. Before joining REACH, she directed a successful Montessori preschool program, and also provided learning support at a private elementary school in Richmond. Fatima has conducted teacher workshops and provided resources and ideas to teachers on multi sensory teaching to accommodate students' different learning styles. Mrs. Sheriff has been an active member of the Childcare Advisory Committee for the City of Richmond, advocating for better childcare in the Community Service Department. Fatima is also currently pursuing her ‘Provincial Instructor Diploma’. Mrs. Sheriff is the director of our new REACH location in Richmond, launching in the fall of 2016. Her passion for working with students has allowed her to create lasting relationships with them and their families, and she is excited to bring this passion to the new REACH OG Learning Centre in Richmond.

Fatima can be reached at


REACH OG Practitioner & Trainer

Jenn Clark B.Ed.

Jenn Clark ("Ms. C") is our head OG Practitioner at REACH North Van. Jenn holds a B.A., a B.Ed, an Early Family Literacy certificate, a TESOL diploma and is an OG Supervising Mentor and REACH Trainer. Jenn also co-developed and teaches the Aduri Kids program at REACH NV, coming from a personal practice as well as an intention to empower children with the tools to navigate their thoughts, actions and emotions. She completed the Mindful School's training program both at the foundations level as well as at the classroom practitioner level. She has also trained with Chi Kids and is taking further training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She happily lives in Deep Cove with her dog, Rocket.

Jenn Clark can be reached at


Marketing Director

Robert Zylstra

Rob ("Mr. Z.") is REACH Learning Centre's Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Marketing & Media Director and resident MacGyver. Rob's main responsibilities are to conduct media campaigns, manage online brand reputation and design and format teaching materials for the ongoing teacher training REACH provides. "Mr. Z" is also a favourite contributor to our summer art programs at REACH North Van. 

Rob lives in North Vancouver with his wife of 21 years, their teenage kids, and a very pretty puppy named Lucy.

Rob Zylstra can be reached at