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1051 Churchill Crescent
North Vancouver, BC, V7P1P9


REACH Orton-Gillingham Learning Centre is an academic remediation centre and Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training Centre that was formed to assist individuals who are struggling to learn to read or spell.



REACH Orton-Gillingham Learning Centre Inc. is an academic remediation centre and Orton-Gillingham Training Centre that was formed to assist individuals who are struggling to learn to read or spell. Using the Orton-Gillingham approach to remediating language-based learning difficulties, our staff have all been specifically trained to teach reading, writing and basic language skills to students who have difficulties acquiring these skills. Many students require this kind of intervention, either in a small group or at a one on one level, in order to acquire the literacy and math skills necessary to succeed in school. While some children are able to learn to read and spell in a typical classroom setting, a significant population of students need the information presented in a different way in order to learn. This approach to teaching in the way that the student learns is where REACH comes in.

This is a very concise description of what dyslexia is and how MSLE can help created by Kelli Sandman-Hurley and Marc Christoforidis for TED Ed.

Students come for lessons at REACH a minimum of twice, but up to five times weekly. Remediation lessons are usually one hour at a time, and can occur week days during the morning, early afternoon, or after school hours, depending on availability.

Our founder has been supporting students with language remediation for over two decades. The REACH centre, named REACH as an acronym for "Remedial Education for Adults and Children",  opened its doors in 2004 and in that time has successfully remediated reading and spelling difficulties for hundreds of children.

The REACH Difference

1 to 1 Tutoring. This means that one OG Practitioner specifically designs and teaches Orton-Gillingham lessons to one student for one full hour. We call this a Total Language Hour.

All OG Practitioners and directors are fully trained and mentored in the Orton-Gillingham approach to remediating language based learning difficulties. Our centre also places a high importance on the ongoing training and enrichment of our staff. The support given to our staff reflects the value we place on the needs of our students.

Lessons are multisensory, sequential, cumulative, systematic and designed specifically for each student prior to each lesson. The English language is broken into manageable pieces that are presented multisensorially to the student to ensure an engaging, successful lesson.

Regular progress reports are given that outline specifically the skills that the student is learning. The progress of each student is also monitored by our directors to ensure that maximum expertise can be shared for the benefit of each student.

REACH Learning Centre is dedicated to parent education. We offer parent enrichment sessions and a parent library of resources about learning difficulties, literacy, current research in literacy, and other issues relating to learning difficulties.